Fee Calculator


Welcome to the eBuildingStandards Fee Calculator (Beta)


What is the fee calculator?

The fee calculator is a 'standalone' tool to help assist you in working out the estimated value of works of your building standards application. It does not have to be used in conjunction with any other part of the portal.


How do I use it?

The calculator will take you through a series of questions from which data is compiled to estimate the prescribed fee. Amongst other things, this takes into account the: 

  • type of application being made,
  • the type and scale of work involved,
  • whether eligible and approved certifiers of design and/or construction will be used, and
  • the value of the work being proposed.

The calculator is only as good as the information that you enter. Please take care and ensure that the information that you enter is accurate.


Does it include recent fee changes?

Yes. The Fee Calculator is in Beta and HAS BEEN updated to reflect changes in Scottish BStds Fees that came into force on 1st April 2024.

Further information on the fee changes can be found here, on our new BStds Fees List (April 2024), or by contacting SG Building Standards via email at BuildingStandards@gov.scot.


Please note:

  1. Whilst every effort will be taken to ensure that the fee has been calculated correctly, the resulting fee should be treated as an approximation. The determination of whether the fee is correct is solely the responsibility of the relevant local authority and you may wish to check with your local authority that the fee is correct before submitting your application. The contact details for all Scottish local authorities can be found here
  2. It is the agent or applicant's responsibility to ensure that they only apply discounts where they are able to. If you apply for a discount when you're not eligible for one, your application will likely be delayed and your local authority will ask for an additional payment before they process it. 


How do I get started?

Just select 'NEXT' to get started.